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Hi Everyone- Are you currently in search of where you can rent extra wide/extra-long wooden farm style tables. Well we have them, long rustic wood farm type tables, twice as long as wide e.g. 41″by 95″‘. Would you love solid wood tables so you do not have to use a runner or linens. Please let us know if you want rent these in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington Dc and Virginia. Your venue will rock, look great and impress; We are located in Southeast PA. So we can do you banquet or wedding. We will do or best on pricing. Any help need let us know. If you are on a tight budget you can pick up and return the wooden farm table for a HUGE SAVING’S.

We’ve always thought it would be a great idea for someone to offer wood farm tables for rent. A table that doesn’t require a linen and one that promotes good company, good food, and good conversation. They’re a perfect fit, with the events we’re so proud to be a part of, here on the east coast.

The City and County’s venues begs for these tables as you dine amongst friends enjoying communal family-style meals. Here on the east coast and it’s bounty of farm land – linen on the dining table?? I don’t think so. The Mid-Atlantic States breeze blowing linen up over the table that has been set and re-set all afternoon and evening, what more should I say? All the Counties area for food obsession is celebrating local farmers – would any other table do?

Well, renting wood tables, we thought this was such a great idea that we decided to make them ourselves. Atlas Wood Products is pleased to announce the latest of our unique offerings – beautifully hand-crafted pine-plank Farm Tables. Our Hand-crafted old looking rustic wooden Farm Tables are available for rent or purchase.

Our hand-crafted wooden Farm Tables measure approximately 97 x 41 inches and seat up to 10 guests. Designed to be used bare or with a runner, these tables are perfect for the wine country wedding, family style meal, communal dining, garden parties, beach weddings and coastal dinner. They look amazing as buffet, escort card, gift, or guest tables. Each unique table is 100% reclaimed wood ,antique looking pine and mixed hardwood with rough brushed varnish lines finish to compliment a wide range of accents.

When we originally started building to rent the wood tables, we thought they would be great for buffet displays and dessert bars (and they have made for some amazing buffet displays), we never knew how amazing they could look as communal guest dining tables.

Another bonus with these tables is that there is no need to use a linen tablecloth or long. Although, one bride used of our beautiful tables with a line runners it did make a nice addition, for the setting, she simply laid decorative white material down the length of the table underneath the place settings.

We will gladly work with you so that you can rent or own a unique piece of furniture with history for generations to come.  Thank you and have a blessed day. 

Our wooden long table’s rentals are great for any and all occasions. All our rental banquet tables, rental round tables are sturdy with folding table legs. Rent Farm Tables Barn Tables Vintage Tables Rustic Tables simply make your event elegant.

A bride said “How great will be as a beverage table. I love it, I am using it as the buffet spread on this pretty farm table.”

Renting tables just for 2 is romantic Our wood rental tables can be used for a sign in table or cocktails. Renting our cocktail tables and benches will give your guests a place to put their drink or snack to chat Nice green decor on a head table for formal events and weddings

Atlas Wood Products rents, delivers, sets up, picks up so you don’t have to. It is easy to rent.

Rustic table can be basic to elegant to over the top depicting your event and your style.

Our hand-crafted wood Farm Tables are made in-house by us and measure 97′x41″ seating up to 12 guests. Designed to be used bare or with a runner, these tables are perfect for the wine country wedding, family style meal, or coast-side dinner. We have rented them to people to be used as buffets, escort card tables, or for guest book signing. These beautiful tables have old type looking wood, rustic farm old pine and mixed hardwood planed looking tops stained and varnished to compliment both light and dark wood accents.

Renting tables for indoor or outdoor use is easy and simple, we deliver and set up

Square tables are a newer trend and we have them available.

Renting tables to have an outdoor picnic is easy with Atlas wood Products Rents.

Atlas Wood Product

Philadelphia, Pa



Here at Atlas Wood Products we custom make Unique  Tables, Rustic Tables, Farm Tables, Custom Made Dining Tables, with Matching Benches. Special Sizes No Problem.

All our wood is salvaged up-cycled reclaimed from the Philadelphia Pa area.

Wooden Dining Room Furniture, Wood Dining Table, Custom Dining Tables, Wood Matching Benches.

Atlas Wood Products is Custom professional furniture manufacturer, custom making wooden furniture at discount prices in Philadelphia, Pa. USA.

Atlas wood Products offer timber furniture benches including matching dining tables, we call it a taste of the original Philadelphia.

Our materials consist of hardwoods and softwood furniture and other custom made furniture projects.

“Unique” is a word that a customer use to describe our upcycled woodworking for custom wood furniture..

Our woodworkers use Old World Craftsman techniques to generate beauty and enduring quality … Unique Benches Outdoor Furniture Old-World Timber Furniture Bars and Restaurants Benches Tables, our best.

The New Look of  OLD Wood

 People are calling our furniture   Raw, Recycled, Reclaimed, Rustic, Unfinished, or even Natural Organic.  The new trend of our non-stained naturally hand crafted wood pieces is everywhere in our photo picture blogs.
Re-purposed wood natural patina plays well with the eco-friendly organic natural approach to  that was once only associated with only what the rich can afford.  Our prices are reasonable for custom size furniture.
    We have many cool outdoor benches   that are equally as functional indoors.  Our colours are amazing and the designs work perfectly for our East Coast climate – they’re rain proof BUT  fade into  a glorious sunshine patina!!
We have made custom handcrafted Raw Wood Coffee Tables, Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables, sometimes our way of  working from a picture piece of used furniture,  adding a little bit of our ideas and again a great piece pf furniture.
 Going Green is unquestionably here with us.  The re-purposed wood  is a great way to not only be green but also to bring the outdoors inside with new conversation piece of furniture.
Makers of Antique-Quality Primitive Furniture, Wooden Furniture Inspired by Real Antiques,  Carefully Handmade by the  Nick Sucic’s  family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA!
Our furniture is handmade & hand painted, hand finished, quality reproduction using pictures  home furnishings using old varnishing painting finishing  techniques. We us old  woodworking methods to replicate the look & feel of The Rustic Farm  Colonial America. Built to last, our furniture is destined to become tomorrow’s antiques.

RUSTIC FURNITURE MADE IN THE USA!!!   Rustic Trestle Farm Table,  FARM TABLES are the perfect addition to any kitchen nook.  Our’s have been built from the reclaimed wood of a centuries old home with beautiful rich character for our amazing tables. WHY HAVE THE SAME DECK FURNITURE AS ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS.  CUSTOM RUSTIC FURNITURE CAN BE AFFORDABLE FOR ALL. CUSTOM BUILDING FOR OUTDOOR or  MARINE CONDITIONS. 

 Our rustic contemporary tables are made from reclaimed philadelphia row home floor joists,  we finish with a number of  finishes to withstand the elements.



RUSTIC CONTEMPORARY FARM TABLES with a great history our farm tables are rich in natural character.

We are located just 15 minutes from north historical old city in philadelphia, pa, just call to visit our shop.

Custom Farm Tables, Rustic Tables, Rustic Furniture, Rustic Beds, Rustic End Tables, Farmhouse Tables, Colonial Cottage Tables, all MADE IN THE USA.
I always loved old homes and I would always stop and look at them wondering about who may have lived in them. Now we are using some of the old homes material to make our furniture.
Charlie and I(Nick) (the sucic brother’s  are now dedicated to saving as much of the rich history of our country that we can. We pride ourselves on building green furniture that is affordable for all, from the reclaimed wood of centuries old homes and buildings. At the Atlas Wood shop you can be the designer of your dream rustic furniture. Our father Nicholas J Sucic is a master wood craftsman/ interior carpenter,  he taught us or skill used today.
CUSTOM FURNITURE, RUSTIC TABLES, FARM TABLES, Harvest and Trestle Tables, all designed with your dream in mind
So please visit us today to make your custom dreams come true we will kindly quote you a price .




The Owner of Atlas Wood Products (Nick Sucic Sr.) has been creating one-of-a-kind wood furniture since 1946. His passion for wood, salvaging and recycling remains with the material use of fallen structures of the past.  The history of a bygone era that is our American heritage is incorporated into every unique piece.

Hand made furniture from reclaimed lumber, some with vintage hardware each is a functional work of art. Original saw marks, distressed paint and time-worn elements are the trademarks of Nick Sucic  and Atlas Wood Products, details are painstakingly made to ensure lasting quality craftsmanship and artistry.

Old-world sophistication and elegance are
combined to create beautiful, timeless custom-made furniture for any design home.

Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Atlas Wood Products is now A Salvaged Building Materials Company.

We Sell our reclaimed finds at Comfortable Prices.

We accept your donations of useable materials at our warehouse.

Structures for demolition-Call 215-843-0313

Atlas Wood Products is a resource for salvaged building materials: columns, iron gates, building ornaments, fun house mirrors, statuary, fountains, lighting, ruins & fragments, doors, windows, mantels, garden ornament

Reuse facility and supplier of building materials, selling used (reclaimed) lumber; restores high-end lumber and wooden architectural beams and details. Also, salvaged flooring, bricks, doors, plumbing.

Atlas Wood started recycling timbers since 1978, we promote and support sustainable building practices and especially want to work with people using the same ideas as us. Atlas Wood supplies individual homes as well as larger mainstream projects where the look and quality of old growth timber is desired. At Atlas Wood we specialize in old growth and re-sawn timbers, remanufactured flooring, and recycled lumber from buildings, bridges, and railroads lines.

Atlas Wood has started offering reclaimed lumber and brick products. Call Us and ask how

we find and sell product.  We offer zero wood waste to our customers.

Reclaimed Lumber, Building Materials.

Reclaimed Wood and other materials are worthy of a second look.

Even with surging interest in green building and sustainability, new construction and renovation projects continue to deplete vast quantities of resources. Remodeling, Demo in particular, is a double-edged sword–the new buildings consumes materials, the demolition of the old structure generates debris.

You can build efficiently with sustainable products, and many pros do, but reusing building materials salvaged from old structures is yet another way to help Mother Earth. The concept is simple: The tons of usable materials that already exist in commercial and residential applications can be carefully deconstructed, cleaned up, and reused in new buildings.

Recycling in this manner is an old tradition, but the practice has grown as an increasing number of builders and architects consider it the ultimate sustainability strategy. Using something old is often easier on the environment than buying new.

Atlas Wood Products/Nick Sucic jr. has long advocated the reuse of building materials. We feel the built environment already has many usable materials and sees no reason to fill up our vanishing landfills with perfectly good materials. With new architects, remodelers, and builders in the eco game. Many are now scoping out sources for materials for a renovation or restoration project instead using them in new material.

Good As New
Salvaged lumber is one of the most popular reuse categories for recycling at Atlas Wood Products. In many cases, the materials in old buildings are of far better quality than new materials. The reason is Old buildings were often built with slow-growing first-growth timber, which is denser and more stable than new, fast-growing second-growth or plantation timber. This year is the first time that Atlas Wood Products sells 70 percent of the wood as salvaged wood or reclaimed lumber. Our Reclaimed products included many species, dimensional wood framing lumber and heavy beams.

Lumber is just one of many salvaged materials available for reuse. Bathtubs, chalkboards, sinks, cabinets, mantels, shutters, stairs, and tile also can be reclaimed. For example, people now rebuild used old plumbing fixtures and rewire lamps. Most common items, such as dimensional lumber, timber, bricks, and stone, can also have value  for a design firm. Plumbing fixtures–especially sinks–and finished hardware are also good choices, and lighting fixtures can be easily rewired and upgraded.”

Getting your hands on such materials is becoming easier too by dealing with Atlas Wood Products.

Second time use material can even be designed into structures from the beginning.

If you start looking at used or salvaged materials your project can be designed around the type of reclaimed material.

Cost Considerations
Considering the world of new possibilities is good, but the process of using salvaged materials in new ways requires builders, remodelers, and architects to think differently. Material availability, sizes, and codes all play a role. For one thing, the salvage yard is not like a typical materials supplier; sometimes no two pieces are alike.

Our inventory is constantly changing. If you stop by  enough, you’ll get good stuff, but it depends on being in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes just being there isn’t enough. Being high bid, Staging Material and Cost Planning ahead is key to using salvaged components.

Standard dimensions change over time.” In most cases, you’ll have to figure out how to design without a specific product and yet, design for it. You may even have to buy the salvaged products first and then fit them into a design program later. There are options in reusing material, For example Used radiators can be great with hydronic heat. Cost is another consideration but that is depending on what look you want.

With reclaimed or salvage material you will have a unique look to your project. There are limitations to the old-is-better-than-new rule. If you have antique barn timbers shipped from southern Texas to your construction site in Maine, you’re using a lot of energy getting them from there to here timbers. It makes more sense to find your material with in your own area. Reuse is always good for the environment, so maybe not your whole project will reclaimed material but a portion.

Give us a try


Atlas Wood Products

Philadelphia, Pa.


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Rustic Wooden Farm Table Rentals, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York. 215-843-0313

Farm Table & Bench Rentals, Stock Rustic Country Vintage or Custom Styles Sales, 215-843-0313

Furniture Custom Rustic Country Vintage For Sale Rent 215-843-0313

Are you Looking for Farm Rustic Wood Banquet Tables.

Long or Round Tables. It is your day you pick!

Are Looking for a round or long, wood, rustic dining tables for a wedding reception or special  events?

Starting @ $75 and up, for Weddings and Outdoors Event.

All reclaimed wood. Reasonable prices. Any Custom Size. Tables, Benches Rental or Sales.

Atlas Wood Products

2101 w lippincott

Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York.

No new trees are cut down for our furniture.

Natural, Waxed, Varnished, Washed Painted, Stained, your style your way.

These are tables made from all recycled wood.

The table are hand crafted from reclaimed wood boards and timber. We can custom make to any size or shape.

The legs are naturally grayed hardwood , salvaged wood from old warehouses in philadelphia.

The salvaged lumber, farm table, recycled wood has turn into a great project for us.

Our woodworking skills came from our father a master carpenter and a carpentery teacher Nicholas J Sucic.

Comments are great. Our prices are reasonable.




for all can do!

thanks for looking, hope we can help you.

Have a great wedding day.

Yes, We can do setup deliver and removal.

Thanks for Looking

Nick Sucic



So, You finally nailed down your spot, and now you are thinking about how to outfit the venue.

Of course it’s in a garden or rustic farm setting of sorts, and you are thinking  to keep it simple.

You would like to have the ceremony and reception all in one location.

You could always just rent plastic tables and plastic chairs but that would look chessey.

Are you thinking wooden picnic tables and benches still chessey?

Your  problem: You can not find a place to rent nice clean wooden picnic tables!

You have seen those ugly plastic ones many times

But, your still  thinking  upscale rustic wooden farm table for rent.

It would fit perfectly with everything else your  doing.

So, Anyone heard of a place that can rent rustic wooden farm  tables?

So, now you need clean wooden upscale picnic farm tables?

Have you seen any wooden benches for rent?

Have you heard of  a Wooden  Rustic farm table rental service?

For as long as we have been making tables, we always could not decide between  long table or  round tables.

Personal I like them both, but their both different.

I like the family style eating associated with round farm table.

But now you are not sure.

I’ve  been to a weddings with long rustic  tables, I’ve  been to a wedding with round country rustic tables.

I have never heard anyone complain of about a problem, round or long tables it is what you like, it is your day.

But you can’t afford to purchase 200 different types of chairs,benches and tables, nor do you have the room to store them after the wedding.

Just go with the  simplicity of renting and overall look of the rustic banquet style of old tables, benches or chairs you like.

Try us you found us.

Atlas Wood Products

Philadelphia, Pa



Thanks again for Reading

Nick Sucic

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Reclaimed wood, Furniture made from recycled wood.





Atlas Wood Products inc

2101 w Lippincott

Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

Phone 215-843-0313    fax 215-843-7115

Nick Sucic



Reclaimed lumber, reclaimed building materials, upcycled wood, Philadelphia old style floors, salvage lumber.

 We are open for any ideas, suggestions, opinions, we are trying to improve to help you better.

 Thanks in advance for your comments.

Our material is upcylced from the following.

construction sites, residential housing, industrial sites, demolitions jobs. material is also from wood crates, wooden pallets, lumber type skids, timber skids. flooring and floor joists from demo’s ets.

Pictured here is some of our  material. We can supply for contractors, DIY or we can install for you.

We do mill work. to your spec. note  milled hardwoods. For (ex) in stock for milling and for sale, we have 4x4x10′ foot recycled dried oak beams. unfinished flooring with  beautiful nail holes, note the nails are removed. We also have a flooring system with upcycled wood. Note  the beautiful nail holes, nails are also removed.

Please email, call and or stop by, we are open for your input.

location – hours 9 to 4 mon – fri 2101 w Lippincott, Phila, Pa 19132 or 21st and w lippincott.

Phone 215-843-0313

 atlaswoodprod@yahoo.com email me and i will give you my cell.

Thanks for reading about our reclaimed wood in Philadelphia, recycled lumber from southeastern pa, upcycled lumber Philadelphia area,  green wood recycling programs southeastern Pa.

Reclaimed Flooring Inventory

All our wood for sale  is available.  Almost all of our material is reclaimed or   salvaged from old houses, industrial applications (ex) old  floor joists, pallets and skids. Occasionally we will include wood that can be milled into flooring or have many other uses. 

Our reclaimed  flooring is salvaged from  homes and industrial uses.  Reclaimed wood provides you with a look that has stood the test of time. Decades of use have  these wood’s with history and character that cannot be replicated in new flooring.

Aged  wood is ideal for either restoration projects on antique homes or for a beautiful and unique look in a new home or  project. Our Pictures are  applications where reclaimed wood has not been distressed, we can distress if needed. Reclaimed lumber is sold “as is” or they can be milled at an additional cost. The reclaimed or aged material at times are available as limited sized batches depending on what your applications is.

Reclaimed wood gives a look warmth and feel that you cannot be match.  We cannot begin to tell you how many customers of ours come back to us after purchasing one of our reclaimed floors to convey how much the wood has enhanced and enriched their space.  All of our reclaimed wood flooring is 100% reclaimed from old houses, buildings,  structures and other sustainable sources .   

Our  Urban Reclaimed Wood  is supplemented by local sources from saw mills and tree surgeons who previous to our program would have destroyed  logs,  low-grade boards/timbers (etc) either as mulch, firewood or simply landfill. Now we defect the wood and give it a new upcycled upscaled  long life.    

Recycled lumber  batches vary in size, nature, character and price and inventory changes oft

We can mill fireplace mantel, special projects etc.

Recycled lumber has fantastic character due to its grain patterns, coloring, knots, nails and defects . Lumber & wood once one of the most important  natural resource in the USA, now wood is making a comeback into our economy and society. Help preserve history by using recycled lumber and upcycled material on your project.

Upcycled wood is more than just a floor, a wall, ceiling or trim, it makes it part of a story.  Whether it came from a Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania structure built 100 years ago that was on the verge of being  removed by the owner or a walnut tree planted in a front yard , only to be cut down to make way for a sidewalk expansion, there is always something more to be told about our wood. 

From oaks and mixed hardwoods in Northern Pennsylvania, to old  beams from New York, or   blocking used in a  New Jersey Steel mill, we try to find distressed material for  reclaimed timber, for flooring , ceilings and wainscoting etc.    

Whether you are looking for the natural, stained or pickled rich tones of  mixed hardwood flooring for a formal dining room, to the vivid, old world aesthetic of our rustic oak flooring for a cottage, to anything in between, we believe that the variety of tones, pickling of grains and textures we offer will match any taste. 

We can custom mill to your specific needs and design specifications, our reclaimed wood is hand crafted and selected one plank at a time, yes every time.  Species and grades depends  on you the customer for reclaimed wood selections available. We like to and will work with you to find, mill, & select material to make you time with us out standing.

old looking wood, reclaimed wood, rustic furniture, primative furniture, recyled lumber, supplier of used wood.

February 27, 2010

Buy Locally Why Bring more Material here globally

Atlas Wood Products

2101 w lippincott Phila, Pa. 19132

We 10-15 minutes North of Center City Philadelphia, Pa.  



atlaswoodprod@ yahoo.com

If you truly want to be unique and green. Look at our link above. These design’s of panels are some ideas we have done and made from recycled/reclaimed wood. Our panel can be in (almost) any unique size or design you can draw.
If you want your home, affair, office parties, sales floor, personal space, convention display area, store or boutique to be unique and different. This is for you! backing – osb or plywood. reclaimed boards – glued and brad face nailed to osb or plywood panel. we call this our fast-floor. This can be made to exact size panels. can be used such as parties (to protect a floor), conventions, sales area at a show or change of seasons. have a unique floor in minutes. we can measure layout and make to fit a area in a office, commercial use or home. Are you tried of your old floor and want it do fast and unique call us. Any input is greatly appreciated. we also use a this handy t&g osb panel from lowes. we fasten recycled wood to this for super fast flooring installation.


Wainscoting, Philadelphia Siding, Bead Board. 

OLD Looking Hardwood. 

OLD Looking Flooring Boards. 

OLD Philadelphia Siding. 

OLD Style Bead Board. 

Old Silvered Gray Wood. 

Real hardwood’s NOT HomeD’s type plywood fake wainscoting. 

Click below for our photo blog. 

Use the picture’s in our photo blog for ideas for your project. 


A picture can tell thousand words. 

we have the following . 

1″ random 4″ to 12″ width and length 4′ to12′ hardwood oak. Kiln Dried.
1/2″ x 4″ & 6″ short and long lengths 3′  t0 10′. Air Dried oak & mixed hardwoods.
4×4 and 4×6 mostly oak hardwoods Air Dried.
4×6 and 1-1/4″x6″ pine from New Zealand Kiln Dried 4′to8′
Fast floor panel for your design.
Our material is reclaimed and or recycled. 


LOOK WOOD WITH A HISTORY.   US MINT PENNY BOXES ( see the picture below).

Reclaimed southern yellow pine 2×6′s and 2×10′s approx 4′ long’. 

Reclaimed from  the US MINT penny storage boxes in phila, pa.

We have paper work from the US MINT for proof.

Great Material with a history for your project.

SYP wood from the US MINT was used to store during the pennies manufacturing. 

D.I.Y. or Contractors.
we offer milling to size or we can help you do the whole  project .

We do mill work that regular lumber yards do not do.
Here are some items.
1/2″ dried air dried hardwoods boards.
Kiln Dried Wide & Long- 1″ boards.
Re-sawing of large beams.
Large band-saws, tablesaws, Planer and jointer.
Sander 25 foot belt stroke  type 8″ belt sander with sliding table.
Air dried hardwood beams.
Kiln dried softwood beams.
Trim from reclaimed wood made in our shop.



2101 w lippincott ave   

Philadelphia, Pa. 19132   



 Use your  imagination and we can do it for you.   

All this is reclaimed wood.   

We are able to work with reclaimed wood.   

 Share a piece of our USA  history in your home or project.  

With our penny box material.  

Philadelphia Row homes Salvaged wood floor beams.    

From old rustic warehouses, factories  and buildings.   

We can reproduce everything in this post.   

We do All our own millwork.   






We Do Mill-Work with old reclaimed wood.   

Atlas Wood Products   

2101 w lippincott ave
Philadelphia, Pa. 19132

Recycled old row home floor joists, beam, fireplace mantle, shelves-make your fireplace stand out-save a piece of history- no two alike-avail. in many sizes and lengths, we can power washed, some material is kiln dried and we can plane, sand-stain and finish it and we can del. or ship. We can also install it locally. We can also provide picture’s of the SALAVAGED US MINT PENNY BOX”S  your wood came out of. Antique reclaimed remilled wide flooring-great for newer and older homes- adds great value to your home-make your home stand out-avail. in  oak with character boards pine-yellow pine ,Kiln Dired wide and long poplar boards very reasonable priced, (rustic looking cabin wood great for game room-family room-country kitchen),pine is warm, distressed oak. We can del. help with install and finishing of the floor avail. We specialize in wide long kiln dried boards salvaged from sawmills. Wide thick planks for counter tops-barn tops-table tops etc. Weathered Wood gray , faded, silvered great for furniture making and for walls, ceiling,  wide boards with  character great for furniture making-cover appliances-shelving- ceiling boards . BUY ONE BOARD OR MANY BOARDS. We have very large long beams for ceilings to give your home the wow factor, or for timber framing projects and wine cellars. Del. and install help avail. For all your needs beams-boards-flooring etc call Charlie 215 603 1658. to make a time to see materials. Come and visit the us then Do the Philadelphia historic tourist area. See the famous Reading Terminal Market, Valley Forge, New Hope, and Washington’s Crossing, Pa. 

We are less than 10 minutes away from Center City Philadelphia, Pa. 

We  produce  lumber in a random width and length which works well for most flooring boards, ceiling plank and bead board  projects. Random makes a unique antique rustic old look. If you need to be specific ex. lengths or widths for anything, we can process this for you.

Reclaimed lumber and rustic wood timbers, rustic flooring, rustic bead board, rustic ceiling boards, beaded boards, bead board, wainscoting, hardwood flooring, reclaimed wood,  Reclaimed lumber and rustic wood timbers, used lumber, old lumber, used wood, old wood, mantels, antique wood ceiling, barn-board ceiling, wood plank ceiling, wood ceiling panel, ceiling planks, wood, wood ceiling planking, wood ceiling flooring, wood ceiling paneling, rustic used wood, rustic wood lumber,    

Reclaimed lumber and timbers can also effectively be re-milled with a band saw, planer, table saw, sanded and surfaced appearance to your specifications.    

Mill work, cabinetry and furniture.   

We will do 1 board to 100,000,000 boards.


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  1. Do you have a showroom to see your fireplace mantels.
    How about counter tops? 

  2. we have been selling all reclaimed material, 4×6′x dougfir, rough 4x4x10′ oak and dressed kd 4x6x12′ yellowpine imported from newzeland for mantels. we mill them to your liken if needed. call me if you want to talk my cell is 215 530 7689 wh nick 



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